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Our company occupies a foremost place in the field of distance sales, with products and services that fulfil the needs and demands of the Greek consumer today. We design and realize pioneering products with the highest criteria of quality. We invest continually in people, know-how, infrastructure and organization.

2. MAILink S.A.
MAILink S.A. was founded in January 2000, and is active in the area of Direct Marketing or distance selling of products and services directly to the end-consumer, establishing telephone communication as the chief means of contact with the consumer. This direct relationship between MAILink S.A. and the ultimate consumer means the absence of any intermediate representative, agent or retailer, thus making our products and services cheaper.
In addition it offers a direct relationship between the company and the consumer, making it more personal and creating an atmosphere of trust and security, essential to this method of marketing where there is no personal contact between the customers and the company.

All our employees and executives have long experience in the field of distance sales, thus making MAILink S.A. a company with great know-how and experience and with the ability to respond to the increased demands of our times.

Today MAILink S.A. occupies a 1700 mē establishment in Metamorphosis, Attica, where our head office and warehouse are. It has a sophisticated telephone centre fully able to meet any workload, fully computerized accounts and sales sections, four delivery vehicles for the speediest execution and delivery of orders and specialized personnel both for customer-service and for the expediting and delivery of orders. It employs specially designed software (CRM-type) linking all branches of the company horizontally and hierarchically, so that it can respond to all the needs of everyday commercial activity and to the exceptional demands as they may arise.
The excellent relationship and on-line connexion of the company with the principal commercial banks, as well as the speed and secure electronic processing (128-bit encoding) of all transactions involving credit-cards, guarantee the immediate credit verification and execution of every order within 48 hours.
Moreover, all orders within the area of Greater Athens are delivered by a courier company at no extra cost to the customer.


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Macedonia, Alexander the Great, Silver four-drachma piece, c. 325-315 B.C.

MAILink S.A. offers you, either with your registration as a member or with a product purchase, wonderful gifts...

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