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During its 5-year existence MAILink S.A. has succeeded not just in vindicating itself in the field of distance selling, but is now recognized as one of the leading companies in Greece in this area.

Always in the forefront of every development in every field, so in the field of the Internet MAILink S.A. is a leader in the provision not only of possibilities in online purchases, but also of further information and services that we offer exclusively to our members.
Here are some examples:

• continuous analytic information on developments that concern you, always meeting your needs and offering you high-quality products;

• participation in online competitions, always through our website, which we are continually developing in accordance with the most up-to-date methods, covering the entire range of your demands;

• upon the registration of every member we offer a gift, delivered to the member’s home or base, for the cost of handling only;

• immediate personal replies to your e-mail messages on whatever concerns information that interests you (e.g. ways of dispatching products, arrangement of installments etc.).

As we broaden our means of communication with you, all we want to say is that we shan’t stop here. Developments move at a great rate and we must keep up with them, to show our respect for our clientele.


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Constantine the Great, Gold solidus, A.D. 307-337

MAILink S.A. offers you, either with your registration as a member or with a product purchase, wonderful gifts...

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