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Coins of the Greek Nation

The collection "The Coinage of the Greek Nation" is a rare collectors item in 925 silver, in a limited number of personalized and numbered series.

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The item comes with a certificate of the personalized and numbered series
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The Ionian State, 1819 Capodistrias, 1831 Othon, 1837 George I, 1875 George I, 1911
George I, 1912 George I, 1912 1st Greek Republic, 1926 1st Greek Republic, 1930 Othon, 1832, Silver drachma

Price: €465.00


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Othon, 1832, Silver drachma

In accordance with the new monetary system, introduced into Modern Greece by the monarchy, a silver drachma was circulated to replace the Phoenix. It was divided into 100 equal parts, called "lepta", as laid down by the Regency Decree of 8th/20th February 1833 "on the organization of the monetary system". At the same time the coinage that had circulated under Capodistrias was withdrawn. The silver drachma consisted of 9 parts pure silver to 1 part copper (thus having a purity of 900°); it contained 4.029 grammes of silver and 0.448 grammes of copper, with a total weight of 4.477 grammes and a diameter of 23.2 mm. Its value was fixed at the equivalent of 0.895 of one gold franc. It was minted in Munich in 1,125,000 copies.
The coat-of-arms of the State and, below, the value of the coin and the year of its minting.
The head of King Othon, looking to the right, with the inscription ΟΘΩΝ ΒΑΣΙΛΕΥΣ ΤΗΣ ΕΛΛΑΔΟΣ (Othon King of Greece).

A gift worth 25 euros.

The item comes with a personalized guarantee of the quality of the coin.
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