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Ancient Greek athletic contests

The wisdom of the ancient Greeks is summed up in the adage "a healthy mind in a healthy body" and has been expressed in the athletic contests held from ancient Greek times up to today, in a spirit of civilized competition. Come with us on a journey through the history of athletics in the time of the ancient Greeks, and possess these unique medallions with their portrayals of those ancient games

click to enlarge The first steps in ancient Greek athletics

athletic contests in ancient Greece were closely bound up with religion. They were associated with agricultural festivals and the veneration of the dead. As Homer so felicitously tells us in the Iliad, Achilles held funeral games in honour of his dead comrade Patroclus. Ancient sources tell us that funeral games were held after the battles of Marathon (490 B.C.), of Plataea (479 B.C.) and of Leuctra (371 B.C.). Alexander the Great, too, held games after each of his victories, to thank the gods and to honour the dead. With the passing of time, such games began to grow away from religion and to acquire their own independent athletic character. Some had a Panhellenic compass, while others were more local, confined to the area of a single city-state.

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The Chariot Event, Panathinea, Athens Mounted Javelin-Throwing, Heraea at Argos Calpe, Olympia Pyrrhic Dances, Panathenaea, Athens Torch-Race, Panathenaea, Athens
Mounted Torch-Race, Festival of Bendis, Piraeus Women's Race, Heraea at Olympia Trupeters' Competition, Olympia Cithara-Player's Contest, Pythian Games, Delphi Synoris, Pythian Games, Delphi
Contest Among Youths, Isthmian Games, Isthmus of Corinth Gladiatorial combat, Theseia, Athens

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Gladiatorial combat, Theseia, Athens

A duel between two men with full battle equipment:
shield, sword, spear, helmet, breastplate and greaves.

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