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The Flags and Banners of Freedom

Today, become the owner of a complete historical collection of 28 Greek flags and banners: created uniquely for collectors and offered exclusively by MAILink!
All the flags in the collection are exact copies of the originals, in 32-colour silk-print for the most faithful reproduction, mounted on hand-made plaques in 925° silver.

click to enlarge Strictly limited edition The collection "Flags and Banners of Freedom" is issued in a strictly limited number of 2,990 copies, each accompanied by a named and numbered certificate of quality and authenticity.
Also accompanied by 5 superb gifts, yours entirely free.
1st GIFT A luxury presentation box with drawers.
2nd GIFT A magnifying reading-glass.
3rd GIFT A useful pair of tongs.
4th GIFT A luxury book with rich photographic material.
5th GIFT The battle standard of the 7th Battalion of the Evzones.

The item comes with a personalized guarantee of its genuineness and authenticity
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The flag of the later Byzantine Empire, (1057-1453) (the double-headed eagle) The flag of the Emperor Constantine Palaeologue, (1449-1453) The Graeco-Ottoman flag, (Treaty of Kucuk Kaynarc, 1774) The flag of Lambros Katsonis, 1792 The flag of Regas Pheraios, 1790-1797
The flag of the Ionian Islands, the Septinsular Republic, 1800-1807 Flag of the Greek population of Northern Epirus, 19th Century The flag of Alexander Ypsilantis, 1821 The banner of Anthimos Gazis, 1821 Flag of the Philiki Etairia, 1821
Banner of Theodore Kolokotronis, 1805-1828 Flag of the Revolutionary Islands (Psara), 1821-1824 Flag of the 1821 Revolution in Cyprus Banner of Dimitrios Plapoutas, 1821-1828 Flag of the Areios Pagos (an Organization of Eastern Mainland Greece), 1821
The old National Flag (“of the land”), 1822-1978 Today’s National Flag (formerly the Naval Flag), 1822-2005 The Constitutionalist banner, 1832 Flag of the Government of Samos, 1832-1913 Flag of the reign of Othon, 1833-1862
Flag of the reign of George I, 1864-1913 Banner of the Cretan Revolution (Arkadi), 1866 Flag of the accession of Thessaly and Arta, 1881 Flag of the autonomous State of Crete, 1898-1912 Flag of autonomous Northern Epirus, 1914
Flag of the autonomous state of Pontus, 1916-22 Banner of the Macedonian Cause, 1904-08 Standrard of the 5/42 Regiment of Evzones and of the 1922 Revolt

Price: €780.00


MAILink S.A. offers you, with this product purchase or with your registration as a member, the following gift:
The flag of the Balkan struggle

We offer you, entirely free, a faithful copy of the Battle standard of the 7th Battalion of the Evzones, in silk-print, mounted on a hand made plaque in 925° silver.
This gift has the following inscriptions embroidered on it:

A gift worth 25 euros.

The item comes with a certificate of the quality and authenticity
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