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Tree of Good Fortune, in Amber

Special hand-made creations in amber, which will add an individual touch to the decor of your home. This Tree of Good Fortune and Wisdom, in rare hues of amber, will bring you lasting good luck.

click to enlarge Amber is not a mineral but fossilized resin from pine-trees, 50 million years old! Known in ancient Greece as "electron", it eventually gave its name to electricity, because when it is rubbed it acquires a static charge that attracts light objects to it -a phenomenon that came to be known as "electrical attraction". In colour it is full of light and is found in an incomparable variety of warm tones. The ease with which it can be cut and worked has made it a much prized material since the Stone Age.
In Norse mythology it was said to have come from the tears of the goddess Freya, which had dropped into the sea and solidified.
The ancient Greeks believed it protects and confers long life upon whoever wears it.
The Romans also thought it a first-rate protection, and gladiators would decorate their shields and weapons with amber.
The ancient German tribes called it "Bernstein", which means burnt stone. When it burns it still gives off a scent of pine -after 50 million years!- and thus it is still used as an incense, symbolizing eternal life. Today it is still believed to bring good luck and happiness, and to protect against harm.

Price: 490.00


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Amber cross

A splendid amber cross, worth 40 , approx. 3 X 3 cm. ABSOLUTELY FREE.
This is an impressive gift that will stand out in your collection.


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