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MAILink S.A. considers the protection of your privacy and confidentiality one of the chief factors in our co-operation with you. Welcoming you to our website, then, we would like to bring to your attention the following binding guarantees that MAILink S.A. makes to our clients:

The provision of high-grade products and services is the cornerstone of our ability to deliver a large quantify of information, thus directly and rapidly acquainting you with the possibilities we offer our clients and members.

The immediate priority of all of us who work at MAILink S.A. is the safeguarding of all data concerning our clients and members.

We project all information entrusted to us by our clients and members with the most rigid security criteria.

We limit the storage of data concerning our clients and members to the minimum needed for us to be able to provide the highest quality services and products. Included in these services is the notification to our customers of our products and services, and also the procedures for expecting their transactions, including electronic transactions.

MAILink S.A. will not reveal any data concerning clients and members to any third party unless we have first notified the client or unless the client has authorized us to pass on such information.

We exchange data with inter-bank information records only for the purpose of checking and verifying details of creditworthiness and the management of credit risk, as well as the protection of our clients and members transactions.

For the on-line transactions and purchases of our members and clients we employ exclusively a secure , which guarantees the security of your transactions with MAILink S.A. on a 24-hour basis 365 days a year, so as to ensure the greatest possible safety in the use of clients and members credit cards through our website.

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